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MEDINEXO is a Global Virtual Care Platform designed to help our members find Healthcare Services specific to their needs. The MEDINEXO Marketplace allows our members to locate healthcare services and specialists 24/7, in their patients’ language, when and where they need them.

MEDINEXO is the only global online Virtual Care marketplace to access clinical skills delivered via telemedicine. The MEDINEXO Global Virtual Care System connects users and providers of clinical services through a proprietary online matching and scheduling interface. MEDINEXO is not a provider of telehealth technology nor clinical services. Instead, it advances the rapid growth of telehealth by ensuring the availability of clinical services as needed across geographies, time zones, languages and medical specialties. The result is increased access to care by underserved populations in both the developed and developing world.

Whether you desire to augment your practice with additional specialists, reach additional patients with existing staff or both, the MEDINEXO Marketplace can be a powerful new addition to your team.

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  • Jorge H. Toro
    Accomplished consultant and entrepreneur with 28 years of experience. As president and CEO of his own Software Engineering...

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