Business Model
Q1. Who are the key customers for the solution – hospital administrators or individual physicians?

A: The key customers are primarily hospital administrators. Specifically practice managers or simply they could be healthcare professionals that help the doctors or specialist in coordination or interaction with patients.

Q2. Can patients use the MEDINEXO portal directly to connect with specialists of their choice, or does it have to be done by a Referring Physician?

A: The patient must be referred to a specialist by a point of care. But medinexo can help to expand the network to connect the Referring Physician with the patient’s preferred specialist.

Q3. What are the other services available on the MEDINEXO portal apart from referrals to specialists?

A: MEDINEXO is a growing virtual care platform. At this time, the core offering is the referral system, but we plan to expand into areas such as telemedicine for medical practices, interoperating between EMRs, and of course connecting medical resources with remote points of care. MEDINEXO also enables authorized suppliers to offer their services over the platform. For example, Care Expand offers a Chronic Care Management package over the platform, including a live health monitoring, care plan management, and many other features.

Q4. As of today, from which countries are the specialists on the MEDINEXO portal? Success in my country will depend on having doctors from places like the U.S., India, South Africa and Europe, given the high rate of medical tourism to these areas.

A: MEDINEXO's core network is in the U.S., Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. But as an open global marketplace, our network is constantly expanding.

Q5. How does the Referring Physician verify the specialty and experience of the specialist on the MEDINEXO portal? Are the specialists required to provide medical license details/profile, etc?

A: The specialists that participate in the MEDINEXO network always provide their credentials and information to the Referring Physicians. MEDINEXO does not accredit the information provided by the specialist. It is the responsibility of the point of care to validate those credentials.

Operating Model
Q1. What marketing approaches work best for selling the MEDINEXO solution?

A: Educate. Virtual Care is a growing practice in its infancy. The role of MEDINEXO advocates is to educate the many points of care who could use the platform. There are plenty of points of care who would use MEDINEXO if they were aware of it.

Q2. What is the process for signing up a new user?

A: New users can go to to register. There they will find instructions as well as information about pricing.

Q3. What typical office setup is required by the Master Franchisee – staffing, IT systems?

A: Like with any of our services, there is no hardware required, only access to internet browsers. The office setup can be anything from a home office to a full business operation.

Q4. Can I share or save a demo file of the MEDINEXO portal with prospective partners and customers?

A: At we have links to the demo and an instructional video on the referral process. These links can be sent to any potential affiliates.

Economic Model
Q1. Is payment for a service done before or after the transaction? If after, how do you guarantee payment?

A: The services are pay-per-use, and are paid for monthly. Payment is guaranteed by credit card.

Q2. What happens in instances where the Referring Physician is not satisfied with the service provided by the Referred Physician? Who arbitrates?

A: The relationship between the physicians is direct. MEDINEXO does not interfere with the service providers. Arbitration is left to the agreement between them.

Q3. How does payment between the referring physician and the referred physician happen? How do you handle currency exchange conversions? For local transactions, will the transaction be denominated in local currency?

A: MEDINEXO is payment agnostic, meaning we are not involved with reimbursement or currency exchange. We enable the communication between the providers, but we do not provide nor intervene in the payment between them.

Q4. How do MEDINEXO and franchisees share the payments they get from providers?

A: MEDINEXO charges transaction fees and a small subscription fee to the healthcare providers. VCCs and franchisees share a portion of that revenue based on their specific agreements.

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