London England Healthcare Franchise Opportunity Like No Other.

The MEDINEXO Global Marketplace connects providers with hospitals and clinics from around the world to provide telehealth services.

If you’re looking for a London England healthcare franchise, an affordable option can be difficult to find. Many telehealth franchises require large investments, capital expenses for equipment, and technology experience or needed medical training, but the MEDINEXO Marketplace is better alternative. The MEDINEXO Marketplace connects providers with hospitals, clinics, and innovative technology to globally deliver telemedicine services. For more information, view our upcoming events near you.

Unique Opportunity

Buying into franchise or master franchise license provides owners the opportunity to have the rewarding satisfaction of bringing telehealth to those in need. Besides rural clinics, other patients that benefit from MEDINEXO are those getting home care, nursing home residents, those limited by transportation or mobility. Physicians gain access to an expanded network of specialists that MEDINEXO offers, who speak a variety of languages, and a range of specialties.

Specialists normally limited to big cities such as Säo Paulo or Rio de Janeiro leverage our technology to remotely monitor and schedule appointments with patients. Physicians and organizations are able to locate and book appointments with specialists based on specific clinical specialties, locations, time zones, and language.

Brazil Telehealth Franchise Benefits

Our telehealth marketplace provides easy access to advanced technology, an international database of specialists, and more cost efficient use of medical resources. We provide value to those already integrated in telehealth but are limited to their own system as well as those organizations with no telehealth services. Physicians are able to locate specialists based on specific clinical specialties, locations, time zones, and languages—including Spanish.

View our licensee presentation:

  • Tremendous industry growth.
  • No large technology investment
  • No full time commitments
  • No administrative costs
  • Help facilitate better healthcare worldwide


Utilize benefits such as innovative technology that helps facilitate easy interaction including cloud based services to schedule appointments and monitor patient progress. HD webcams, integrated electronic health records, and electronic prescribing allow the specialists to perform quality care regardless of distance. Explore the London England healthcare franchise provided by MEDINEXO.