Virtual Care business model from MEDINEXO Platform

Brazil Virtual Care opportunities continue to grow, getting into business has never been easier.

Our member organizations are able to better serve their patients by taking advantage of our extensive network of specialists and technology. While there are various levels in the telemedicine marketplace, at our best we are facilitating connections between expert specialists on a global scale. Avoid common telehealth business disadvantages such as large initial payments, complicated starting processes, and continuously outdated technology. Contact us to learn more about our telehealth global marketplace.

MEDINEXO Bridges Virtual Care Business Gaps

Our Virtual Care database goes a long way in providing quicker access and bridging the gap between specialty care around the world. As a member organization of the MEDINEXO Global Marketplace you will be able to increase your healthcare facility’s capacity to provide patient care. Everyone from rural clinics to regional hospital networks benefit from our extensive network. We provide optimal telehealth services based on locations, time zones, languages, and medical specialties, ultimately providing better telemedicine care to both the developing and developed world. Our unique advantage of aggregating resources and mitigating issues organizations have trying to staff their own telehealth services.

Our telehealth business model takes advantage of benefits including::

  • Recurring revenue
  • No large technology investments
  • No full time commitments
  • No full time commitments
  • No administrative costs

Our innovative technology facilitates easier patient interaction by enabling better scheduling, conducting visits with patients, and monitoring progress. HD webcams, integrated electronic health records, and electronic prescribing allow the specialists to perform quality care despite distance. Wearable devices including glucometers and blood pressure cuffs help providers treat conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and more.

Watch an introduction video to learn why our telehealth business model is the best compared to the rest.