Telemedicine Franchise—MEDINEXO Business Opportunity

If you’re looking for a telemedicine franchise take a look at MEDINEXO. Thriving industry improving patient outcomes around the world.

With healthcare costs rising money is shifting from traditional healthcare methods to telemedicine. MEDINEXO offers a distinct opportunity to network between providers, hospitals, clinics, and technology partners. More than just a profitable industry, you’ll be facilitating more affordable, expedient and improved patient outcomes worldwide. An alternative to a telemedicine franchise, we invite you to learn more about the MEDINEXO Business Opportunity—sign up for a live webinar or speak to someone over the phone today.

Opportunity Awaits

Ideal for people in medical/pharmaceutical sales positions, or those with a background in healthcare, or healthcare administration. Our telehealth marketplace provides easy access to advanced technology from world-class professionals, an international database of experienced specialists, and provides more cost efficient use of telemedicine resources. We are valuable to those already integrated in telehealth but are limited to their own system as well as those organizations with no previous telehealth experience. Physicians are able to locate specialists based on specific clinical needs, geographic locations, time zones, and languages, including Spanish.

Organizations of all sizes benefit from our telehealth marketplace—from rural clinics to regional hospital systems.

Partners and Providers

Our world-class technology partners facilitate more interactive patient interactions by enabling better scheduling, handling visits with patients, and monitoring their progress using wearable devices. Technology such as HD webcams, integrated electronic health records, and electronic prescribing allow the specialists to perform valuable care regardless of distance or time. Our experienced telehealth providers create better outcomes for patients by taking advantage of increased clinical capacity and access to innovative technology.

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