The Telemedicine Revolution Is Near, Are You Ready?

For someone who not only struggles with asthma, but  who is also the daughter of a very sick mother, Telemedicine has more to offer my future than the average Jane.

I recently read an article in the NY Times about how Telemedicine hopes to revolutionize how we see our doctors and how they administer our health care, well this is exactly what MEDINEXO is doing, one patient at a time. Telemedicine is the wave of the future and the future is near. New research published in the American Journal of Managed Care estimates that, on average, it takes 121 minutes each time a person seeks medical care. The total includes 37 minutes of travel time, as well as 87 minutes at the doctor’s office or clinic.

And how much of that time does the patient actually spend in the presence of physicians? Only 20 minutes. The other hour or so tends to be spent doing paperwork, communicating with non-medical office staff, and just plain sitting around waiting.

These are the kind of inconveniences Telemedicine is helping to alleviate or just plain avoid. We all at some point will need to be in the presence of a specialist, and maybe even end up at some big name medical institution, but if it is something that can be done through the guidance of a Telehealth Professional via the web, then why not. Why spend the time and money doing what can be done for us...isn't that what the ‘computer age’ is suppose to be doing for us humans? Making life more convenient helps everyone involved, the doctors, the patients and even the smaller institutions,  with time and money management.

I see the Telehealth movement as a way to urge doctors, or Telehealth Professionals, to sign up organizations and use MEDINEXO to sell their services. Furthermore, patients use the MEDINEXO system to help avoid that long and arduous trip into some big hospital in a larger city which in the end are told it was something simple. We all can agree there is nothing worse than realizing you’ve not only wasted time, but you’ve wasted money.

Amy Cabanas
Director of Franchise Communications

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